Susan De Muynck

Earlier this year I had the chance to experience a Panchakarma under the supervision and hands of Dr. Mini Joy. I am not going to write about the physical side, well not in detail but more about the journey and experience of letting your body totally relax and open as well as internally giving it a spring clean. Nor am I going to go into my story or history or the problems my body/mind was throwing up. I have always believed in the power of touch that is why I trained to become a massage therapist as the benefits to the body can be subtle and immense. What did happen in those fours weeks is still happening now, there is a continuous letting go and the body shifting and changing.

The 4 weeks consisted of ingesting oil ( in my case Castor Oil/with herbs) oil massage, powder massage,steam baths ,water therapy,medicated enemas, head massage and oil poured on the head in rhythmic movements. Most of the time Dr Mini and another therapist worked on me together , I was pulled ,prodded and rubbed, subjected to heavy massage where the knots in my body were literally squeezed out and then gentle times when there was complete relaxation. All this helps the body let go of old patterns held in the cells and after a good cleanse rejuvenates it all. It is quite a journey and I would say at the time it had some sticking points and some low points with tears of both joy and sadness.

It is a time for reflection and a time to just sit with what "is", not always easy.

The House of Ayurveda sits in the backwaters of Kerala near a lake; the accommodation is simple yet comfortable and is situated within nature. The sound is what hits you when you first arrive, the noises of the birds and the temple ( next door) the Mosque and the church bell all of it goes on most of the day and into the night.

The food was just perfect for balancing the acid/alkaline level in the body and Dr. Mini knows just what to give each person. Along with this are the medicines, herbs and decoctions that are taken regularly. There are trips out but in a way a Panchakarma is a journey of retreat and relaxation. It is a time to do very little just let the body flop and maybe just stay put curled up in a hammock!

So what does it do:

The body lightens in all kinds of ways and it seems to rejuvenate from the inside out. I no longer have certain cravings and I feel more in tune with the body I live in. There is also a softening and yet at the same time I see things with more clarity. That does not mean life is easier it is just that I am enjoying the flow of life, less resistance. I am grateful I had the chance to undertake the Panchakarma with Dr. Mini as there is a feeling of being with " the Mother" and in her hands and with her warmth and laughter healing takes place in many ways.

With love,


Mrs. Martine, France

“On this part of fishermen village close to the lake, Ayurvedic treatments like massage with oils, herbs, make my body finding again elasticity and my skin softens. At the same time, it is great opportunity for me to share 4 weeks of Indian family life with so friendly hosts. Everyday they served new dishes from vegetables and fresh fish from the lake.”

Mrs. Orr Carole, Switzerland

“Coming to India for the first time hoping to find good ayurveda treatments, I had many fears. But luck was with me that I landed at Dr. Joy’s. I can highly recommend the level of care everyone takes here to give their best at all times. I will come again”

Mr. Paul Ketelsen, Germany

“We had a very pleasant stay at the home of Dr.Joy’s. The wonderful and quiet environment and family atmosphere and the excellent food made it a very special experience."

Mrs.  Christel Juitjer

“Thanks to Dr.Mini and her team we have enjoyed intensive Ayurvedic treatment for one week. It was very lovely experience. Good luck for you and your family.”